Information for Research Students

Useful information for students who are currently active in research projects with me, or would like to be.

How to get involved:

E-mail me or stop by my office! I am always open to discussing research possibilities with students. Typically, an initial conversation about research would include the following questions:

There aren't any wrong answers to these questions, but they help refine what you might be most interested in. Or even if another faculty member might be more likely to share research interests.

Research Expectations:

For volunteer/unpaid research positions (the normal case), the research student is expected to:

For paid research positions (the exception), the research student is expected to achieve the previous expectations, as well as: My support and interest in continuing to research with you will depend on meeting these expectations. More than anything else, a proactive work ethic is necessary to be successful.

Funding Sources:

While funding opportunities are limited, several opportunities exist to apply for grants and fellowships to either provide a stipend for research performed or partially abate conference travel cost. Typically, applications for these funding sources require faculty support. It is important to obtain the support of a faculty member whose research interests align with your own in order to apply. Often faculty support is more forthcoming for students who have already shown research potential while volunteering on a research project with the faculty member.

Paper Writing Resources:

Previous blogs posts that highlight some aspect of paper writing are categorized below: